Know Swakula Sali


Swakula Sali (Swakulasali/Swakulasale/Sali) is one of the castes listed in the list of Indian castes among Hindus in India. Lord Shri Jihveshwara is believed to be the originator of this caste and all the Swakulasalis are his descendants. Adimaya Parvati requested Shiva to create a Punya Purusha who can weave exquisite clothes considering the request of Adimaya, Shiva created a child from his tongue (JIHVA) in Shravan masa, Trayodashi, early in the morning on Monday. The naming ceremony was performed with great pomp at Mount Kailash. The boy was named ‘SALI’ and was bestowed with the art of weaving, designing and coloring cloth. Goddess Parvati named his Kula (i.e., Clan) as SWAKULA. As the child was born through the tongue of Shiva (Ishwar) Goddess Parvati named him as “JIHVESHWAR”. The descendants of Jihveshwar are recognized as Swakulasali/ Swakulasali/Swakulasale/Sali.


Somehow the State Governments Gazettes have recognized the Jihveshwar descendants either as Swakulsali, Swakulasale, or Sali etc. Sali or Sale suffix is there all the time. All experts in designing, weaving and coloring of cloths.


Marathi is the primary language spoken by the Swakulaslis. Even after lapse of centuries of years the Swakulasalis are professional at Weaving, Designing and Coloring clothes, which are the arts with which lord Shri Jihveshwara was blessed with.


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